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Dolly Noire is an Italian brand, registered in 2004 by four guys in the suburbs of Milan.

Officially founded in 2013, Dolly Noire was born on a bench on a summer evening, mixing fun with friends with a passion for streetwear and a good dose of resourcefulness.

This is the story of four friends and their shared dream.

It all started in 2004, we were 15 years old. We went out together in a company of almost forty people, and during a summer evening spent like many others at the little park near the house, we thought of a t-shirt symbol for our company. Our meeting place was a place called "the benches", so our first t-shirt depicted the simple stylization of a bench.

It was a simple object, but from the beginning it made us aware that we could imagine, design and create the clothing that we most felt and that could talk about us. Clothing at that age became an instrument of communication of one's own identity, bearer of a state of mind, of a moment, of certain values ​​and often a symbol of belonging to a group.

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