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PrAna is a lifestyle brand that takes its name from the ancient Sanskrit word which means breath, life and vitality of the spirit.

Born from climbing and yoga, the prAna team creates garments designed in a creative, focused and stylish way for spirit-free people, to pursue their passions on the water, on the carpet, on the path and on the road. Since its inception in 1993, PrAna has been committed to sustainable practices in its operations and supply chain, working to reduce its impact on land, water and other natural resources, while promoting conservation. It is the first major North American clothing company to offer Fair Trade USA certified products and accessories.


The clothes we wear tell a story. From the fields where our organic cotton and hemp are grown, to the beaches where plastic bottles are collected, to the chemicals that must be managed upstream, to the safety and well-being of the people who assemble our clothes, there is a rich stimulating history built into every single piece we create.

Ultimately, sustainable clothing respects the planet and its people.

When you choose to invest in one of our clothes, you are promoting the movement of sustainable clothing. You are voting for social and environmental responsibility, for transparency, for a fundamental change in the way clothing is made.

This is our environmental heritage and it has been like this since the beginning. Simply, sustainability is part of our DNA.
All this translates into functional clothing is functional and allows you to flex your adventurous spirit without negatively affecting the environment.

PrAna was born in a garage in Carlsbad, California. In those years yoga was not much followed and so Beaver and Pam Theodosakis decided to create elegant and sustainable clothing at the same time. They were the ones who sewed and made their first clothes, the labels were made with homemade recycled paper and the goods were sent in fruit boxes from local shops.

Today the seat of prAna is always in Carlsbad. Much bigger, but with the same convictions as then: to give more to the world than we take. Our ultimate goal is to inspire, educate and dress up your adventures with sustainable clothing.

We do this by investing in people committed to radically change the way we dress and forge partnerships with dedicated organizations such as fair trade, bluesign®, the exchange of textile products, the responsible standard and many others.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 78 items