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Sandy Shapes is a love story between Alessandro Marchi - known by all as Sandy - and snowboarding. A story that led him to devote himself completely to the construction of state-of-the-art tables, with a character and quality worthy of the best Italian manufacture.

After twenty years of innovation and thanks to the insights and experiences gained on the ski slopes and in winter sports companies, Alessandro Marchi "Sandy" creates Sandy Shapes, a young snowboard manufacturer completely made in Italy, based in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Years on the slopes to try but above all to listen to riders and their needs: all the boards have their own history and a path for which they were developed.
Today's construction philosophy is that of the origins: to create snowboards that, thanks to the harmony of the materials, their combination and the way they are assembled, are unique on the market.

A modern craft

The artisan skills linked to the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system have allowed the creation of a company that stands out on the world scene. The artisan work represents one of the distinctive traits of the Italian culture and economy and is the basis of the realization of each new model.

We build snowboards using the latest generation of design and finishing tools, using numerically controlled work centers for cutting and preparation of materials, through an artisan gluing method where the human hands and eyes are still the protagonists, following the realization step by step and checking the quality several times during the process.

Modern craftsmanship is the key to creating products with unique performance by controlling their quality and allowing replicability. This added value, generated by the combination of competence and technology, cannot be reproduced in industrial production processes than in those of the traditional craftsman.


The use of very complex wood cores, composed of selected essences, together with unique assembly arrangements, such as the control of bonding temperatures and those generated during finishing, combined with the best quality cleaning and choice of materials , has led our snowboards to achieve excellent results even when confronted with the biggest producers in the world, introducing solutions that deviate from the needs of mass production.

The results are joined by the recent creation of the Wood Evolution ™ patent, which comprises the wooden surface that characterizes the Sandy Shapes boards, a wood that thus returns to be the protagonist, and that thanks to its natural diversity makes each table unique and a timeless beauty that exceeds the seasonality of serial products.

Sandy tell us about your Wood Evolution patent .......
Wood Evolution is a process through which we obtain our characteristic topsheet finish from natural wood, thanks to which we are able to make our tables more sustainable by replacing commonly used plastic materials. Not only does it improve properties mechanical and structural properties of wood, which can become 70 to 100 times more resistant, but also eliminates the common damage due to water, snow and temperatures. The material would not need further treatment and for our choice it was born with a finish based on natural oils and waxes, which we provide to all customers as Beauty Care Treatment, for the care of periodic beauty of their table

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The pursuit of beauty
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