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MARS1 is the world’s first clean energy snowboard production facility. As the CAPiTA base station and manufacturing home, The Mothership—distinguished as a flagship of responsible manufacturing—was awarded the Energy Globe Award for the Carinthia region in 2017. Known as Nature’s Nobel Prize, with 178 participating countries, the Energy Globe is today’s most prestigious environmental award. It is presented annually to projects focusing on renewable energies and the conservation of resources.
Our dedication to building the world’s best snowboards, with the most efficient and sustainable processes, is galvanized by the company mantra—EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Our Gravity Propulsion Laboratory has spent years innovating, testing and refining what materials we use—and how we use them—with a singular purpose: To make the best snowboards on the planet.

The Mothership has the unique ability to develop proprietary processes bolstered by being the only snowboard factory in the world with our own on-site testing slope. With powerful snow cannons and a floodlight system for clandestine night missions, the Moonshot Facility is our playground to make EVERYTHING POSSIBLE.

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