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Hamilton Carhartt is born in Macedon Locks, New York.

Hamilton Carhartt starts producing hemp and jeans suits with only four sewing machines and five employees, respecting the trade union regulations.

The Carhartt Company expanded and incorporated two cotton mills in Georgia and South Carolina, as well as factories in Detroit, Dallas and San Francisco.

The company Carhartt Automobile Corporation annually produces around 300 "walking vehicles" under the motto "The alpha and the omega in the construction of engines".

During the First World War, Carhartt produces work uniforms for the army. In the first two decades of the 20th century, the Carhartt clothing company reached the peak of its economic success, with a total of 17 registered establishments.

For the first time, the unmistakable Chore Coat CO1 from Carhartt is published, becoming a fundamental piece of the Carhartt collection.

Carhartt opens a new plant in Irvine, Kentucky and launches the "Back to the Earth" campaign that offers workers better living conditions, far from poor neighborhoods, exploiting companies and the suffering of the industrialized metropolis, full of thousands of unemployed due to the Great Depression.

Hamilton Carhartt dies in a car accident in Grosse Pointe, Michigan at the age of 82 and leaves the company to his sons, Hamilton Jr. and Wylie.

The United States enters World War II and the entire US economy receives a strong boost as factories support war efforts. Soldiers, both at home and abroad, need durable and durable clothing.

The spring collection presents a line of classic sportswear, casual jackets, jeans and T-shirts, all in canvas, with products called e.g. "Huggers pants" and "Surfers".

Carhartt celebrates its centenary.

Carhartt Work in Progress

With the title "All American Concept", Edwin Faeh starts bringing typically American products to the European market.

The boom in the prestige of Carhartt in the world of street style is registered thanks to a group of trendsetters whose names will always remain connected to the dawn of hip hop.

Edwin Faeh founded Work in Progress (WIP), the exclusive distributor of Carhartt in Europe.

"L'hate", a film by Mathieu Kassovitz, is one of the first films to feature the Carhartt brand thanks to its growing popularity in underground street culture.

WIP buys the license to produce Carhartt garments outside the United States and in 1997 launches the first "original" European collection.

The first exclusive Carhartt WIP store opens in Europe, on Neal Street in London.

Creation of the Carhartt WIP Skate and BMX teams.

Evan Hecox launches a series of illustrated advertising campaigns. His drawings of brilliant simplicity represent the standards for future Carhartt WIP campaigns.

Carhartt WIP presents its first women's collection.

Edwin Faeh, Oliver Drewes and Philipp Maiburg founded Combination Records for Carhartt WIP, a public platform for new electronic music.

The first nineteen issues of Rugged Magazine are published to celebrate "the collections of curiosities of all the people with a mission ... or anything in which we came across".

Bildschöne Bücher & Carhartt WIP publishes "Dirt Ollies: A Skateboard Trip to Mongolia" by Alexander Basile, Pontus Alv and Bertrand Trichet.

Some collaborations: A.P.C., Adam Kimmel, Burton, Master-mind, Fragment Design, Sophnet, Uniform Experiment, Vans, Vestax, AIAIAI, 5Boro, London Undercover and many others.

Presentation of the Carhartt WIP Heritage line which includes products inspired by the heritage of the Carhartt brand.

Carhartt WIP introduces the embroidery of brown duck on the garments as a trait d'union with its ancient tradition.

Carhartt WIP opens a store in New York and returns to its American origins.

Carhartt WIP celebrates its first 25 years of activity.

The book "The Carhartt WIP Archives" is published, the first roundup of memories from the world of Carhartt WIP.

The development of Carhartt WIP continues.

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