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Third Generation takes birth from a tradition of the Roà family and sees its dawn more than 70 years ago... from nowthen every innvoation in sports passes through us!
It all began in 1943 thanks to grandpa Marco's passion for hunting, but with the entrance of my father in the 80's happens the very first transformation, going from a hunting & fishing store in a sports articles shop with the integration of all the most played sports in that time like skiing, tennis,swimming and skating. 
I, Andrea, am born in this reality practicing all the sports that my father was introducing to me, and with time, on the strength of my passions and my way of being, i started myself to model it more on my person and the wai i see things, transforming it in a meeting place for all extreme sports enthusiast like surfers, snowboarders and skaters! Furthermore considering my obsession for flying, i staged a portion of my shop for drones and modelism.