I could not but inaugurate the Excursions, Travels and Curiosities section of this blog with what for me is the home trip, the one that made me take my first steps in the world of snowboard mountaineering, the one that weaned me and that every time gives always descents to remember... DESCENT already, because going up is nice but going down....

I'm talking about Mondolè which with its 2382 m dominates the south-western part of the province of Cuneo, is located in the Monregalese valleys, between the Maudagna, Ellero and Corsaglia valleys and is the last peak of a certain relief before the slow degrade towards the Ligurian Sea.

It is a rounded mountain, which slopes gently from the summit in almost all directions, except towards the north and northeast, where it has steep walls and couloirs that offer numerous opportunities for lovers of steep slopes.

To attack the summit in winter there are mainly two possibilities, starting from Pratonevoso, passing through La Balma, you find yourself in an ascent in an alpine environment full of passages, including technical ones. Personally I prefer this part less because downhill it offers a few fewer options, especially if you have to return to PratoNevoso. But if you have someone recovering in Artesina, then it's definitely worth evaluating because the ascent, almost entirely on the ridge in the final part, is truly noteworthy!

If you don't have anyone who can rescue us, the other option is to go up from Artesina, 1000m roundabouts to reach the cross, but then... a myriad of descent options opens up to choose carefully based on the period , snow, wind, etc...

From the start of the Artesina Bassa lifts, go up the entire gully up to Colla Bauzano, from there turning left, take the "Balcunera" until you get under the north wall which climbs up to the Mondolè lake. The wall is addressed all to the left, not cutting it. Once at the top of the north wall we keep to the right and staying on the ridge we arrive at the cross literally going around the lake!

Have a nice trip!

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